That's us_

NonFungibleArtists GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2022.

We are now located in the beautiful city of Dortmund; in addition to soccer, Dortmund is known for its diverse cultural scene and as a technology hub – making it perfect for us.

Leonie Lämmerzahl


I am a business economist and business psychologist. Through my years of work in a software company, I have always had a connection to new technologies.

The interest in art has accompanied me since I graduated school. I decided that both art and technologies should play an important role in my career after completing my master’s thesis, which focused on artists‘ access to the blockchain-based crypto art market.

I am convinced that technologies, especially combined with art can greatly enrich all of our lives – be it in a private or corporate context – and I am looking forward to the future developments in Web 3.0.

Manfred Schneider